Considerate Conference Calling

A lightweight, browser based audio/video conferencing system.

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What is it?

Built with our user’s time in mind, c³ allows anyone to host a conference call within seconds. This lets you dive into the meeting, rather than mess around with the setup.

  • No signing up or loging in. Ever.
  • Easy to start a call, even easier to join one.
  • Runs completely in your browser. No need to download or update anything.

How do I use it?



Enter your display name and choose what you want to call the meeting. You can also choose to hold the meeting at a later date.



Click the "Invite" icon on the top left to invite others to join. Either through email or phone number.
Only available on Android or Chrome...
For Now...



You're set! Sit back, relax, and wait for everyone else to join.
Scheduled for a later date? Don't sweat it, we'll remind everyone. No worries.)


Why Should I Use It?



Built for humans.
Conversations are moderated by a built in AI chat agent, providing pointers and suggestions during the meeting. Too loud? Talking too much? Not talking at all? c³ makes sure that everyone can take part in the discussion, and have their voices heard. All in a subtle and unintrusive way. Users are also able to record meetings, be it a brief moment, or the entire conversation.


Distraction Free

Simple by design.
Nobody likes meetings, let alone setting one up. c³ was designed with simplicity in mind. A few clicks and you're in. More people can be invited via email invite. In the car or on the move? c³ will cut the video feed when it detects excessive movement. Removing any distractions that may otherwise take away from the meeting, or your commute.



Keep meetings brief and to the point.
c3’s timeline tracks who’s speaking when, letting everyone have a fair share of the conversation. Typed messages are pinned to the timeline so you can remember what you said and where. The timeline is sent to the participants of the meeting once it's over. It also saves when and what was typed in the chat box, displaying it on the timeline.

Our Vision


“Considerate Computing Systems is based on decades of research; demonstrating the value of using appropriate social signals in responding to users.  We are working to make systems with contextually appropriate interactions.  These systems can improve productivity, reduce stress and improve lives. 

c³ was created to be a platform where everyone’s voice is heard. A system where users can focus on the conversation at hand, rather than the limitations surrounding the means of communication.”

Ted Selker, Founder of Considerate Computing Systems

Our Team


Ted Selker


Ted started building collaboration systems as a graduate student at Stanford and continued his research at Xerox PARC. He continued developing and publishing experiments, and supervised several theses that demonstrate improvements in collaboration; acting as a Professor at Stanford, MIT and CMU.  He is also known for developing human-computer interaction products, including the Thinkpad at IBM.
Ted has acted as a consultant for dozens of startups, and companies including Google, Motorola, and MasterCard.


Shama Hoque

Software Engineer

Shama has more than 9 years of experience as a software developer and mentor, with a master's in software engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. She specializes in full-stack development with JavaScript, and currently makes web-based prototypes for R&D startups in California, while training aspiring software engineers and teaching web development to CS undergrads in Bangladesh.


Arman Amin


Arman is a Toronto based Industrial Designer with over 10 years of b2b sales and 5 years of design and marketing experience. He holds accreditation from George Brown, Guelph Humber and Stanford University. He specializes in UX + UI, Graphic, and Product Design and is based in Toronto and Palo Alto.


Kerensa Fu


Kerensa is a budding software engineer and graphic designer who joined c³ as her first foray into the startup world.


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